First Free Session

Complimentary discovery session

This is a free, no obligation, session where you have the chance to find out a bit more about divorce coaching and decide if it will be of benefit to you. Your discovery session can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype depending on your needs and location.

The process for your discovery session involves three steps:

Step One
We arrange a time for your discovery session.

Step Two
I will email you a few question for you to answer and send to me prior to our session.

Step Three
Your discovery session will last about 30 minutes. We will talk about your answers to the questions I sent. I will also ask specific questions about what stage your divorce is at and what you see your needs to be at this stage.

I will explain divorce coaching and how working together will benefit you. And if we both feel that coaching will be the right path for you, I will go over the packages and we can decide which one suits you best.

All information, written or verbal, that you provide or discuss will be kept confidential.

To enquire about a complimentary discovery session please fill in the form below.

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