How we work with you

How we work with you

Indigenous NewZealand provides divorce coaching that focuses on three distinct areas of need and we have designed three packages with these needs in mind.

To help you gain the clarity you need to make sound decisions moving forwards. We call this BounceBack.

Then there’s the business of divorce, which is helping you get all the documentation together to figure out where you stand financially and getting you prepared for meetings with solicitors. We call this ‘All in Order’.

The final part is helping you build a new life. I don’t tell clients what to do. I’m a sounding board – we brainstorm together and put a plan together to move forwards.” We call this New Horizons.


Unsure how to get your life back on track? BounceBack is the 6 hour package designed for just that. This personalised one-on-one support programme will help you be clear about the things you really want out of life. And importantly, you will walk away with a plan on how to achieve them.

During BounceBack we work through the following process:

  • Ground Rules - what's important to you & how you'd like the process to work
  • Goals - identifying the ideal end result
  • Networks - establishing support around you
  • Simplifying - breaking down tasks into bite size pieces
  • Fear - identifying and minimising fears
  • Obstacles - working around blocks
  • Planning - putting your plans in place
  • Acceptance - taking responsibility for yourself
  • Boundaries - what's acceptable and what's not
  • Pitfalls - identifying and avoiding common mistakes
  • Transition - learning how to deal with change
  • Honesty - staying true to ones self
  • Accountability - your success rests with you
Flexible hours to suit you.

Although BounceBack is a 6 hour package, the length of each session can changed to fit into your daily routine. For example this could be six 1hr sessions, or maybe three 1hr sessions plus six 30 minute sessions. We will find a way to make BounceBack work regardless of your commitments.

All in Order

Dealing with divorce or separation can certainly take you on an emotional rollercoaster, however, there are a whole range of practical challenges that need to be considered too. All in Order is a personalised programme that helps people deal with the responsibilities of life that were once shared with a partner - such as finances, parenting and running the house. All in Order also provides some very valuable insights about dealing with professionals such as lawyers and employers.

During All in Order we can work through the following areas:

  • Financial Fitness – information gathering, budgeting, checklists
  • Planned Parenting – talking through the options
  • Settlement – discussion the key points
  • Meeting Preparation - making sure you're prepared
  • Daily Life - the practicalities of living apart
  • Communication - talking with your spouse
  • Professionals - tips for talking to lawyers
  • Boundaries - setting them and making them clear
  • Health - looking after your mental and physical well-being
  • Work - fit work into your new life
  • Resilience - coping with change
Flexible hours to suit you.

As a general rule All in Order can be completed in 4 hours, however, this will depend on the circumstances of the individual. Regardless of how long this process takes, we can change the length of each session to fit your daily routine.

New Horizons

With the right attitude and the right coaching, you can turn the stress and turmoil of a divorce or separation into a positive life changing event. New Horizons is designed to break down any barriers you may have and open your mind to a whole world of new possibilities. And when you are clear about your vision, we create the all-important plan to make your dream a reality.

During New Horizons we can work through the following areas:

  • Vision - seeing the life you really want
  • Self - redefining the 'new' you
  • Environment - putting yourself in the right place
  • Goals - the steps to achieving a wonderful life
  • Balance - finding the right mix
  • Planning - putting together the right life plan
  • Dreams - thinking big

For many people New Horizons is a start of a personal journey, which means this package is very much tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. So while we have some general areas that we cover, we also adapt this package to suit you.

We’ve designed three distinct coaching packages with you in mind